The story and legend of Pedro and Ines

Lenda de Pedro e Inês de Castro

Pedro and Ines … love, tragedy, myth, legend, reality … today’s story has been told so many times that it is difficult to distinguish what is fiction and what is reality. Let’s try to clarify what is known to have really happened, where there are doubts and what is really legend! Due to family intrigues, …

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17 fun things to do in Coimbra

Historically, Coimbra is the third city in Portugal – well, it was even the capital for a few years! Today, it’s famous for the University! Though more than just a university city, it is a city of culture, full of history and stories. In this article, we will introduce some of these stories while exploring …

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Traditional Christmas dishes in Portugal

Pratos Tradicionais no Natal em Portugal cover

At Portuguese Christmas, the cod is the King. Although there are other traditional dishes, currently the dish that most Portuguese families eat at Christmas is cod. Cod is an important part of national identity and history. And at Christmas, this presence is even stronger due to the ecclesiastical tradition of fasting, not being able to …

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PR5 Arouca Geopark – Livraria do Paiva

PR5 Arouca Geoparque livraria do Paiva

PR5 – Livraria do Paiva (Paiva Bookstore) is a small pedestrian trail beginning and ending in Janarde, Arouca, and located inside the spectacular Arouca Geopark. This is a very short walking path, only about 3 km, and therefore suitable for everyone who wants to take a short walk in the wild. But don’t let its …

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The Miracle of the Roses

O milagre das rosas

The legend of the Miracle of Roses is one of the best known in Portuguese Popular Culture, and it is undoubtedly one of my favorites. After our last visit to Sabugal, where this miracle supposedly occurred, we decided to investigate a little more about this legend and “discovered” a curiosity, to say the least … …

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