What to eat in Porto? 20 typical dishes to eat in Porto

O que comer no Porto

Porto is the definitive Portuguese destination for food lovers! In addition to having good food, in Porto, the portions are generous. Moreover, eating in Porto is cheap, especially compared to Lisbon and the Algarve. Finally, Porto has food for all tastes, comfort food, homemade food, snacks, sandwiches, meat, and good fish. Porto’s gastronomy is heavily …

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12 Best beaches in Porto and Northern Portugal

As melhores praias do Porto e Norte de Portugal

Portugal is well-known for its beaches and sunsets, but the beaches in the south attract the most attention. Today, we will talk about the best beaches in Porto and northern Portugal. There are some extraordinary beaches in the north of Portugal. Some have a seemingly endless stretch of sand, others have good infrastructure, and some …

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12 best things to do in Vila do Conde

O que visitar em Vila do Conde

Located at the mouth of the Ave River, just 25 km from Porto, Vila do Conde has a beautiful architectural heritage and some of the best beaches in the north of Portugal. Whether on a day getaway, on a weekend, or a vacation, Vila do Conde is the ideal destination in the North of Portugal …

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