Hiking the beautiful Alamal walkways, Gavião

Located in Gavião, the Alamal Walkways are the perfect destination for a family walk along the Tagus river. The current walkways were born in 2019 after the 2017 fires destroyed the previous ones.

With approximately 1.8 km (for some reason, they are marked as having 1.5 km), the Alamal walkways connect the Belver bridge to the river beach of Alamal. The route runs along the Tagus river and presents lovely landscapes. It is a linear route with the only possible entrances located at both ends. As of 2021, there are plans to extend the walkways up to 8km, but no dates are set for construction.

Below we’ll explore everything you need to know about Alamal’s walkways, including how to get there, when and who can do it, what you need to bring, and what to expect from this beautiful walk.

Alamal Walkways
Tagus river and Belver Castle on the horizon

Alamal Walkways- general information

  • Name: Alamal walkways
  • Start: Alamal beach/Belver bridge
  • End: Alamal beach/Belver bridge
  • Distance: 1.8km (3.6km way back)
  • Time: About half an hour, one way
  • Dificulty: 1, very easy
  • Máx/min altitude: N/A meters
  • Altitude gain: 0 meters, completly flat.
  • Type: Linear
  • Signaling(1-5): 5
  • Highlights: Belver Castle, Tagus river, Alamal beach, Belver bridge
general info - Gavião walkways
Gavião walkways along the Tagus river

Our experience on the Alamal Walkways

The Alamal walkways are one of the most beautiful walks in the region, connecting the historic Belver Bridge and the Alamal Beach. Always characterized by the continuous presence of the Tagus and Belver Castle, they are inserted in the longer and more difficult PR 1 – Arribas do Tejo. The Alamal Walkways are a great family trip, pleasant even with children and people with reduced mobility.

We have only two options to take this route: start near the Belver Bridge, or Praia do Alamal. There is no other possible access. There is a car park at both entrances; however, access to the walkways is easier on the beachside. We started the route on the bridge, so that’s how we’ll describe it below, but for some people, it might make more sense to do the opposite, as we’ll explain later on.

From the car park, we have to head to the bridge. Next to this, there is a signpost for the route and a downwards dirt road. We have to descend on this road to get to the river level and then continue on the trail for a few meters until we see the start of the walkways. This is the hardest part of this entire journey. So, if there are people with mobility difficulties, it is best to start at the entrance to Alamal beach and avoid this access.

From the moment you step onto the walkways, you have nothing to worry about. There are no other exits; it is always flat and always along the Tagus River. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with the spectacular Belver Castle in the background, on the other side of the river.

How to hike the Alamal walkways
Alamal walkways and Belver Castle

The only point you need to be aware of is about halfway up, are 4 or 5 stairs. It’s nothing extraordinary; we’re just mentioning it because it can be a little more difficult for prams and wheelchairs.

When you get to the beach, there is a beautiful shady lawn where you can have a nice picnic. There is also a bar and restaurant in the leisure and beach area to have lunch, a snack, or a drink. It is possible to rent pedalos and, of course, go to the beach. The beach has sand – it’s not huge, but it’s pleasant. Of course, the imposing Belver Castle makes the surrounding landscape even more breathtaking.

Note that if you don’t want to make the 4 km round trip, the ideal is to start and end on the bridge. This way you can rest on the beach or in the bar/restaurant. On the other hand, if you start on the beach, the halfway point is next to the bridge where there is nothing to do… other than the beautiful four-span metal deck bridge, with almost 240 meters, Opened in 1907.

Tudo sobre os passadiços do Alamal
Alamal beach and walkways

Best time of year to take the trail

Any time of year is suitable for hiking these walkways. In winter, of course, we have to be careful with the rain, and in summer with heat peaks. However, it is a relatively easy route even when it is hot, as it has some shadows.

In our opinion, the best time to trek the walkways is in summer when you can take advantage of the beach for bathing and the lawn for a picnic.

small bridge on the Gavião Walkways
The fantastic gavião Walkways along the river

Who can make the trail?

As mentioned above, this is a pedestrian route for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and people with reduced mobility. The walkways themselves are entirely flat, with only a few stairs halfway through.

However, we must remember that access is much more accessible via the beach than via the bridge. So, if you are thinking of going to the Alamal Walkways with trolleys, wheelchairs, or elderly people, you should always go through the beach access.

What to bring to the Alamal Walkways?

Nothing… you don’t really need to take anything. The route is so short and easy that it is possible to walk along the Alamal walkways without any real concerns. In any case, we always advise you to take the items below for any walk.

  • Water (about a 1l per person)
  • Snacks – note that there aren’t places to eat along the trail.
  • comfortable hiking or running shoes;
  • comfortable clothes;
  • rain jacket if it’s winter;
  • sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, bathing suit if it’s warm and sunny;
  • camera and smartphone, there are plenty of photo opportunities here;
  • A daypack to take everything with you;

As always, please do not make any trash. Bring back everything you take with you.

Trilho dos passadiços do Alamal
The Alamal walkways are accessible for everyone.

How to get to the Walkways?

As we have already mentioned, you only have two options to enter the Walkways: via the Belver Bridge or via Alamal beach.

In both cases, it is pretty simple to reach. You will have to take the N244 road towards Gavião (if you are coming from the North), after crossing the Belver Bridge you will find a car park on the left. If you want to start the route on the bridge, park here, and follow the instructions above.

If you want to go to the river beach, continue for a few meters and you will find an exit on the right, turn and go for a km, turn right again and go to the end of the road. There you will find the river beach, the other entrance to the Alamal walkways, and the Alamal River Club.

how to hike the Alamal trail
Alamal beach and Belver Castle

Alamal walkways – where to stay?

Although sometimes forgotten, the Tagus region has breathtaking landscapes and is a great destination to spend a few days in nature and relax. Naturally, there are some excellent accommodation options.

Next to Alamal beach, we have the Alamal River Club, a hotel with unpretentious but comfortable rooms, and a priceless swimming pool on hot summer days. For those who want to enjoy the beach at Alamal and Passadiços at reasonable prices is without a doubt the ideal option. See more information here.

For a different and luxurious stay, but also very close to the beach and the Walkways, we have the Gavião Nature Village. It has glamping and bungalow options for couples, groups, and families. If you like glamping and luxury in nature, the Gavião Nature Village is a place to consider. Click here to bookmark and see other comments.

Beach bar at Alamal beach
Beach bar at Alamal beach

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