10 Best trails in Gerês National Park

Os 10 melhores trilhos do Gerês

In this article, we will present the best trails in Gerês, in the Peneda Gerês National Park. We will discuss their course, what they offer us in terms of landscapes, attractions, difficulties and for whom they are most suitable. So, there are trails in Gerês for all tastes, some short and easy, others long and …

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12 best Alentejo sweets you need to try

12 best Alentejo sweets you need to try

The Alentejo has some of the best sweets in Portugal, from the Fidalgo cake to Sericaia. Most Alentejo sweets are convent sweets, made almost exclusively with eggs, almonds, and gila jam. They are complex sweets but simply divine. This article will analyze the best sweets in Alentejo and what makes them so delicious. The Alentejo …

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10 Things to do in Peniche – Complete Guide

O que fazer em Peniche

Peniche is known for its beaches, surfing, and strong connection to the sea. Hundreds of years ago, it was an island, but in the meantime, it joined the mainland. During its history, it was the target of constant attacks by pirates and other invaders, and it has one of the largest traditional fishing ports in …

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