15 Cod dishes to eat in Portugal

Melhores receitas de Bacalhau

Portuguese love cod and are the biggest consumers of cod in the world. In Portugal, cod is eaten in every possible and conceivable way, raw, cooked, roasted, grilled, sliced ​​or shredded, white or yellow cured. But note, the cod we are talking about is always dry and salty. In Portugal, fresh cod is not eaten. …

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15 Traditional Portuguese Christmas Desserts

Melhores doces de Natal Portugueses

Christmas is about family and the food that unites us around the table. It is about planning and excitement of doing all the Christmas desserts that will delight our loved ones. Portugal has plenty of desserts, and by now, you must already know that Portuguese love sweet desserts and Christmas isn’t an exception. Most Portuguese …

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15 most popular traditional Portuguese Bread

Typical Portuguese Bread

Portuguese love bread, we eat it in all meals, breakfast, lunch, and supper. Like Amalia says in her song ” Numa casa Portuguesa fica bem Pão e vinho sobre a mesa” – “In a Portuguese household, bread and wine on the table always look well”. It is pretty easy to find good bread in Portugal, …

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17 Best Portuguese Desserts

Best Portuguese Desserts

This post is all about the Portuguese Desserts – the desserts that you will find in restaurants all over Portugal, and desserts that are typically cooked at home by the typical Portuguese family. The Portuguese have a sweet tooth and a love affair with sweet egg yolks, so you will find plenty of sweet desserts …

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20 Best Portuguese Sweets and Pastries

Portuguese people love pastries and bread! We love it so much that we made an art of it. You will find an opportunity to try Portuguese sweets and pastries everywhere. Even in small towns, there are several pastries and bakeries where people eat breakfast and have an afternoon snack. It is in our culture to …

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