10 best walkways in Portugal

Melhores passadiços de Portugal cover

Portugal is clearly a country of trends, and the walkways trend seems to be here to stay, at least for a while. We quickly went from having very few walkways in Portugal, to all regions having several. The best walkways in Portugal contribute to the local economy, attract people, have limited or a positive impact …

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Fossils route, Penha Garcia – PR3 IDN

The PR3 IDN – Fossil Route is one of the most exciting trails we have already done. In about 3 km, we are presented with fossils of prehistoric animals, a river beach, a waterfall, a medieval castle, one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, a dam, and Monsanto on the horizon… If you discover …

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Hiking the beautiful Alamal walkways, Gavião

Passadiços do Alamal à beira Tejo, Gavião

Located in Gavião, the Alamal Walkways are the perfect destination for a family walk along the Tagus river. The current walkways were born in 2019 after the 2017 fires destroyed the previous ones. With approximately 1.8 km (for some reason, they are marked as having 1.5 km), the Alamal walkways connect the Belver bridge to …

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PR9 MTR – Poços Verdes do Sobroso Trail

PR9 MTR - Trilho dos Poços Verdes do Sobroso

The PR9 MTR – Poços Verdes do Sobroso Trail is a circular trail with 10.5 km that crosses Gerês and takes us to the most beautiful places in the Peneda National Park-Gerês, taking us to Poços Verdes do Sobroso (Sobroso Green lakes), also known as the 7 Lagoas do Xertelo (Xertelo seven lagoons), Poços Verdes …

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