Esmoriz walkways, Ovar

Passadiços de Esmoriz, Ovar

The Esmoriz walkways are located between Espinho and Ovar along Esmoriz lagoon (Barrinha de Esmoriz) which is also known as Paramos lagoon. These walkways were built during the requalification of the lagoon and are an indispensable way to better understand the charms of this place. In fact, with these walkways, it is possible for anyone … Read more

20 Famous Landmarks in Portugal

Monumentos a não perder em Portugal

Portugal is a charming country, full of beautiful landscapes, incredible beaches, and historic cities to explore. It is also a destination with fabulous monuments, which further elevate the country’s beauty. Many of Portugal’s most famous landmarks are historic buildings that reflect the country’s long history and different artistic currents. But we will also include some … Read more

17 fun things to do in Coimbra

Historically, Coimbra is the third city in Portugal – well, it was even the capital for a few years! Today, it’s famous for the University! Though, more than just a university city, it is a city of culture, full of history and stories. In this article, we will introduce some of these stories while exploring … Read more

PR5 Arouca Geopark – Livraria do Paiva

PR5 Arouca Geoparque livraria do Paiva

PR5 – Livraria do Paiva (Paiva Bookstore) is a small pedestrian trail beginning and ending in Janarde, Arouca, and located inside the spectacular Arouca Geopark. This is a very short walking path, only about 3 km, and therefore suitable for everyone who wants to take a short walk in the wild. But don’t let its … Read more