How to go to Poço do Dola in Geres

Cacata e Poço do Dola Geres

The Peneda-Gerês National Park has an incredible diversity of viewpoints, waterfalls, lagoons, and beaches. Some are already well known, but the National Park is huge and still has some well-kept secrets. In this article, we will talk about Poço do Dola (Dola Lagoon) and its waterfall, explaining how to go there and what to expect …

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What to know before visiting Portugal

In recent years Portugal has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Travelers come to Portugal to experience our culture and history but also to enjoy the beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and warm weather. This article will explore everything you need to know before traveling to Portugal. For a better understanding, …

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17 Best things to do in Porto, Portugal

O que fazer no Porto cover

Porto is the second most important city in Portugal, after Lisbon. It is a big city, the capital of the north, but, at the same time, it has a small and charming historic center, where you can find important historical monuments, but at the same time, typical houses with clothes drying on the veranda. Porto …

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How to hike in Albergaria forest in Gerês

Trilho das Lagoas da Mata de Albergaria

The Albergaria forest trail is in the Peneda Gerês National Park – a circular trail with only about 5 km that starts and finishes at Portela do Homem (on the border with Spain). Despite walking through one of the most beautiful parts of the National Park, crossing two beautiful waterfalls with lakes and the Albergaria …

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