11 Best things to do in Nazare – complete guide

o que fazer na Nazare

Nazaré is recently known for its beaches and giant waves, but it has been a popular holiday destination for the Portuguese for a century. Traditionally, it is a fishing town with fascinating peculiarities related to the people and the sea, making it symbolic in Portugal. Come and discover the best things to do in Nazaré, …

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What to eat in Porto? 20 typical dishes to eat in Porto

O que comer no Porto

Porto is the definitive Portuguese destination for food lovers! In addition to having good food, in Porto, the portions are generous. Moreover, eating in Porto is cheap, especially compared to Lisbon and the Algarve. Finally, Porto has food for all tastes, comfort food, homemade food, snacks, sandwiches, meat, and good fish. Porto’s gastronomy is heavily …

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