10 most beautiful waterfalls in Madeira

cascatas mais bonitas da Madeira

Madeira is a fabulous destination for adventurers, full of natural attractions, walks, and waterfalls. This article will focus on the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Madeira, including the most famous ones like Véu da Noiva and lesser-known ones like Garganta Funda. The island of Madeira is a paradise for waterfalls enthusiasts, as we can find …

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Levada do Rei hike – PR18 Madeira

PR18 Levada do Rei Madeira Cover

Levada do Rei is perhaps the easiest and most accessible of the levadas that takes us to the heart of Madeira’s laurel forest. With about 5 km, this hike starts at the water treatment plant in Quebradas, São Jorge, and ends in Ribeiro Bonito, at the Levada’s source. Ribeiro Bonito and the surrounding area have …

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