What is Vinho Verde (Green Wine) – characteristics, varieties, and how to consume

O que é o Vinho Verde

Despite being a territorially small country, Portugal has an exceptional variety and quantity of wines. More and more Portuguese wines are winning honorable prizes in high-quality international competitions. Not only for a brand, a grape variety, or a region but for the generality of the wines. Among them is the Vinho Verde – a wine …

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11 Best lookouts in Geres

Miradouros do Gerês a não perder

We love Peneda Geres National Park. We have written extensively about it. We have already shared the most typical villages of Gerês, the best waterfalls in Geres, several trails, and the best places to stay in Gerês, but we were missing a post about the spectacular lookouts in Geres! A region with the characteristics of …

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25 most beautiful places in Portugal to visit

Os 25 lugares mais bonitos de Portugal

Medieval cities, historic centers, famous monuments, natural wonders… the diversity of the most beautiful places in Portugal is impressive. In this article, we have gathered the 25 most beautiful places in Portugal – from the most obvious ones like downtown Lisbon or the Pena Palace to some lesser-known ones like Marvão or Mata da Albergaria …

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