Portuguese Farófias Recipe

Receita de Farófias

Farófias are a typical Portuguese dessert, especially popular in the southern region of Portugal. Made with egg whites boiled in milk, it’s a soft sweet that melts in your mouth, leaving in your mouth a taste so pleasant that you won’t want to eat anything else. Portuguese Farófias recipe is one you will want to … Read more

Portuguese conventual sweets

Doces conventuais

Conventual sweets are the most typical and characteristic sweets of Portuguese cuisine. There are no other sweets in the world that use this abysmal amount of egg yolks and sugar as it’s used in Portuguese conventual sweets. Initially, you may be surprised, but then you don’t want anything else. The most famous Portuguese conventual sweet … Read more

15 Cod dishes to eat in Portugal

Melhores receitas de Bacalhau

Portuguese love cod and are the biggest consumers of cod in the world. In Portugal, cod is eaten in every possible and conceivable way, raw, cooked, roasted, grilled, sliced ​​or shredded, white or yellow cured. But note, the cod we are talking about is always dry and salty. In Portugal, fresh cod is not eaten. … Read more

Best Wine regions in Portugal

As Regiões vinícolas de Portugal cover

Wine is part of the history of Portugal, its culture has always been present, throughout the centuries, it has been and it is part of everyone’s life, accompanied us during discoveries and emigration, in life celebrations, is throughout the territory, with different characteristics and qualities, constituting an integral part of Portuguese gastronomy. The production of … Read more