15 Cod dishes to eat in Portugal

Melhores receitas de Bacalhau

Portuguese love cod and are the biggest consumers of cod in the world. In Portugal, cod is eaten in every possible and conceivable way, raw, cooked, roasted, grilled, sliced ​​or shredded, white or yellow cured. But note, the cod we are talking about is always dry and salty. In Portugal, fresh cod is not eaten. … Read more

Best Wine regions in Portugal

As Regiões vinícolas de Portugal cover

Wine is part of the history of Portugal, its culture has always been present, throughout the centuries, it has been and it is part of everyone’s life, accompanied us during discoveries and emigration, in life celebrations, is throughout the territory, with different characteristics and qualities, constituting an integral part of Portuguese gastronomy. The production of … Read more

Traditional Christmas dishes in Portugal

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At Portuguese Christmas, the cod is the King. Although there are other traditional dishes, currently the dish that most Portuguese families eat at Christmas is cod. Cod is an important part of national identity and history. And at Christmas, this presence is even stronger due to the ecclesiastical tradition of fasting, not being able to … Read more

15 Traditional Portuguese Christmas Desserts

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Christmas is about family and the food that unites us around the table. It is about planning and excitement of doing all the Christmas desserts that will delight our loved ones. Portugal has plenty of desserts, and by now, you must already know that Portuguese love sweet desserts and Christmas isn’t an exception. Most Portuguese … Read more