25 most beautiful beaches in Portugal

Although much more than just a beach destination, Portugal is globally famous for its beautiful beaches. So, in this article, we’re going from North to South, searching for the best and most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

In addition to listing the best beaches in Portugal, we will also explain a bit of the main characteristics of the Portuguese beaches, as well as present you with lovely Portuguese beaches from all the mainland regions. Islands and river beaches will be left for other articles.

To make it easier to understand and read, we will present the beaches separated into five major regions, and we have sorted them from north to south; when we reach the south coast of the Algarve, we go from west to east until we reach Vila Real de Santo António.

Characteristics of beaches in Portugal

Although they are all different, the best beaches in Portugal have many common attributes and follow some general trends. Such as:

  • Warmer seawater in the south, in the Algarve. This warm seawater contributes to making Portugal one of the best countries to visit in July.
  • Even in the Algarve, the beaches of the eastern Algarve have warmer water than those of the western;
  • On the west coast of Portugal, the water gets warmer the further south you go;
  • The beaches on the Atlantic coast tend to be windier. The wind often comes from the north and is quite cold;
  • The beaches in the north are usually windier than those in the south;
  • This wind, often called Nortada, gives rise to the upwelling phenomenon.
  • Upwelling occurs when the wind carries sea surface water away from the shore, causing cooler water to rise. That’s why the beaches on the west coast have very cold water, particularly those in the North.
  • All the beaches on this list are sandy. However, some of them are granitic, making the sand coarser.

But without further ado, let’s explore Portugal’s best and most beautiful beaches.

Best beaches in Portugal – North

Moledo Beach, Caminha

Located in the extreme north of Portugal, just 5 km from the mouth of the Minho River (and consequently from the border), Moledo Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. This area of ​​obvious natural beauty includes the Camarido forest, a long sandy beach, clear waters, and the small rocky island of Ínsua. In the background, the Santa Tecla hill, on the other side of the Minho River, gives the final touch.

This beach is unique because Ínsua is a small rocky island with a 15th-century fort. Remodeled in the 17th and 18th centuries became one of the icons of the Portuguese coast. This is undoubtedly the most striking feature of the beach and what sets it apart from other Portuguese beaches. See here how to visit Ínsua.

Unfortunately, it is poorly protected from the wind, and the waves are sometimes strong. Due to these characteristics, it is a popular beach for surfing, bodyboarding, and windsurfing, but the sand, the views, and the infrastructure make it suitable for families and children. For all this, this is often considered one of the most beautiful and the best beach in northern Portugal.

Due to its popularity, Moledo Beach naturally has good access and parking. It also has a bar/restaurant and surveillance.

Moledo Beach with Ínsua fort in the backdrop
Ínsua Fort, seen from Moledo Beach, is one of the most beautiful in Portugal.

Ofir Beach, Esposende

Ofir Beach became nationally famous for the wrong reasons. The three towers built practically on the beach, in an area of ​​outstanding beauty and without any justification, turned Ofir into an example of what not to do regarding construction and development. However, there is much more to Ofir Beach than those things.

The entire area surrounding Ofir is delightful and relaxing, with dunes, pine forests, walkways, and walking and cycling routes. Located on the south bank of the mouth of the Cávado River, it is a beach with excellent access and all the infrastructure you may need in beautiful surroundings. In our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful stretches of the northern coast of Portugal – more than just one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, it is a charming coastal area.

That’s why it’s a popular beach resort in the summer, especially for families. However, the diversity of activities, the walkways in the dunes, and the size of the beach make it appropriate for everyone. There is no shortage of bars, restaurants, and clubs in the area, given its popularity.

Most beautiful beaches in Portugal
One of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal North – Ofir Beach

Miramar Beach, Vila Nova de Gaia

About 15 km south of Porto in Miramar, Vila Nova de Gaia, we find Senhor da Pedra beach. An iconic beach with a beautiful chapel on a rocky outcrop became one of the most advertised images of Portugal.

This beach’s main and differentiating point is the Capela do Senhor da Pedra. Built on the rocks on the beach during the 17th century with a hexagonal plan, it stands out from the sand, creating a unique place in Portugal. This religious belief is ancient as it has pagan origins, but it was converted to Christianity over time.

This is a beach with long and wide sand. The sand is a little thick, but nothing too serious. The sea is relatively protected due to the rocky outcrops. Since it is a trendy beach, it has good infrastructure, namely beach bars, bathrooms, showers, rental of shades, and windshields.

It’s an excellent beach for families, children, groups of friends, in fact for everyone. It attracts both vacationers who want to relax on the beach, as well as those who enjoy sports on the sand or even those who like to have other attractions besides the beach itself.

Senhor da Pedra Beach has good access, and plenty of parking is available. But if you prefer public transport, you can use the train – the Porto-Lisbon line has a station exactly in Miramar, a few meters from the beach.

Iconic beaches in Portugal
Miramar Beach, one of the most iconic beaches in Portugal

Portugal most beautiful beaches – Center

Barra Beach, Ílhavo

Despite being closely associated with Aveiro and only 10km from the center, Praia da Barra belongs to the municipality of Ílhavo. Located south of the pier that marks the Ria and Aveiro port entrance, Barra Beach is a long sandy beach with perfect waves for water sports such as bodyboarding, surfing, kitesurfing, etc.

Due to its quality and proximity to Aveiro, it is a pretty popular beach, attracting all types of holidaymakers, from families to groups of friends. It is a very lively beach in the summer, and this energy continues into the night with many bars and beach parties.

In addition to the long golden sand, the waves, and the nightlife, we have to highlight the remarkable lighthouse of Aveiro, a noteworthy sight throughout the beach. Built at the end of the 19th century, it is the tallest in Portugal at an impressive 62 meters high.

Awarded with the Blue Flag since 1989, this is also an accessible beach, support equipment rental, and plenty of parking. However, as it is really popular, it can be challenging to park at peak times, and there are heavy traffic jams.

Most beautiful beaches Portugal
Barra beach, close to Aveiro

Mira Beach, Mira

Praia de Mira is known for being the only beach globally that has been awarded the Praia Azul award for 31 consecutive years. But there is much more to Mira than this award. Like many of the beaches in the region, it is characterized by almost endless golden sands, with wonderful sand but freezing water.

One of the most exciting activities in Praia de Mira is the Xávega Art. This type of fishing is done from the beach using boats, tractors, and certain nets. You can see more about Xávega Art tradition in Mira and the rest of Portugal here.

Another feature of this beach is the proximity to Barrinha de Mira, a small lagoon just a few hundred meters from the beach, and it allows for all kinds of extra activities for those who go there. In addition to walking and cycling, you can ride a pedalo, or another type of boat, do SUP, kayak, etc. See all things to do in Mira.

It is a beach with excellent access and many infrastructures, like shades, bars, restaurants, accommodations, and several campsites. For all this, it is a very appealing beach for families, with or without children. Due to the numerous outdoor activities, it is also popular with active people who like more than just the beach.

Most lovely beaches in Portugal
One of the lovely beaches in Portugal Center – Mira Beach

Nazaré Beach

The beach of Nazaré is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the central region of Portugal due to the long and extensive golden sand, the deep blue sea, the white houses of the village that spread up the slope, and the high promontory from the site of Nazaré. In fact, the view from Sítio is incredible and, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Portugal.

Although it has been a holiday destination for the Portuguese for a long time, in recent years, Nazaré has also become a world mecca for surfers, namely giant wave surfers. But we have to note that the beach where big wave surfing takes place is Norte Beach, Nazaré Beach. On the other hand, the massive waves only occur on a few days during winter.

More than just a beach, Nazaré is an excellent summer destination, one of the best beach towns in Portugal. Therefore, access and support infrastructure are excellent. Of course, a trendy area for surfers and water sports fans.

impressive beaches in Portugal
View of the beach and city of Nazaré one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal

Foz do Arelho Beach

Foz do Arelho beach offers the best of two worlds, lake, and sea. On one side, we have the sea beach, with magnificent waves for surfing and bodyboarding, on the other, we have the Óbidos lagoon. With almost 7 km2 and a depth of up to 5 meters, it is the largest lagoon system on the Portuguese coast.

The calmer inland waters of the lagoon are ideal for SUP, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and other water sports. It is also excellent for children to play freely without worrying about the waves. In the middle, we have a huge sandy beach where there is space for everything and anything, from relaxing in the sun to all kinds of games on the sand.

In addition to allowing us to do various activities, the lagoon, the dunes, and the sea created one of Portugal’s most breathtaking coastal landscapes. For a better view, we can go up the walkways to the village and see all the surroundings. For all these reasons, the beach in Foz do Arelho is one of the best beaches in Portugal.

Baleal Beach

Located about 5 km from Peniche, Baleal is a place with a curious morphology that reflects on its beaches. Baleal is an old island that is now connected to land by a narrow strip of sand – a kind of smaller Peniche.

Due to this characteristic, there are two beaches in Baleal, Baleal North, and Baleal South, depending on whether the wind may be from the north or south. So, each day one can choose to go to the more protected beach. The sand of both beaches is very extensive, allowing all kinds of activities, while the water is relatively calm but, as always, quite cold.

With almost 4 km long, with white and very fine sand, Baleal Beach is one of the best beaches in Portugal. Its peninsula shape allows it to have unique characteristics, making it a versatile and even curious beach destination.

Like almost all the beaches in the region, the beaches of Baleal are great for water sports, namely surfing, and windsurfing. As it is a popular destination for young people, groups of friends, and sportspeople, there are also several extra beach activities in the vicinity, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, discos, sport fishing, motorized water sports, and others.

Best beaches in Portugal – Lisbon and Setúbal

Ribeira d’Ilhas Beach, Mafra

The beach of Ribeira d’ilhas, near Ericeira, is another legendary surfing beach in Portugal and one of the best beaches in Portugal. Despite not being an urban beach, it has excellent support structures, walkways, bathrooms, showers, several cafes, and a vast car park.

Ericeira beaches are internationally known for being excellent surfing beaches and having a world-surfing reserve. Among them, Ribeira D’ilhas is undoubtedly the best known. That’s why you’ll find several surf schools on the beach, where you can take lessons or simply rent equipment. If you want to learn to surf, this is one of the best places in Portugal.

The sandy beach of Ribeira d’ilhas is huge, and despite being a beach for surfers, there is an eclectic crowd of non-surfers, families, groups of friends, couples, etc. It is also a trendy beach for both Portuguese and foreigners. Naturally, it is a beach with a lot of waves, but they usually are not too big. It is necessary to be careful with the dozens, sometimes hundreds of surfers, in the water.

Finally, if you want a fabulous view over the beach and fantastic sunsets, there is a viewpoint above the beach with breathtaking views. That’s where we took the photo below.

Ribeira d’ilhas is excellent, but here you can learn about the other beaches in Ericeira.

best surfing beaches in Portugal
Ribeira d’Ilhas, one of the best surf beaches in Portugal

Guincho Beach, Cascais

Located in the heart of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Guincho Beach is known as one of the windiest beaches in the country and for its very rough and sometimes dangerous sea. The sand is immense, containing an extensive dune cord that constantly changes.

Exposure to the winds combined with the strong waves made it one of the most popular beaches among fans of water sports, namely surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Therefore, this beach has already hosted several national and international competitions of these modalities.

Thus, Guincho Beach is one of the best beaches in Portugal for those who practice water sports, having even won the category of beach for sports use in the competition of the seven wonders of Portugal.

In addition, it is also well equipped and visited due to its beautiful landscape, with the white sand dunes contrasting with the Sintra mountains in the background. In the surroundings, there are several fish and seafood restaurants.

Figueirinha Beach, Setúbal

Situated in the heart of the Arrábida natural park, Figueirinha is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. It has the breathtaking surrounding scenery of the Arrábida mountains, extensive sand, and seawater in tones that remind us of the Caribbean.

In addition to its natural beauty, Figueirinha Beach is also top-rated due to the ease of access, the tranquility of the waters, and the pleasing white sand. One of the most striking features of Figueirinha is the long sand tongue that forms at low tide, creating almost a lagoon without waves, inviting for diving. But don’t be fooled by the Caribbean-like scenery, the water is as cold as the others on the west coast of Portugal.

Figueirinha is just 3 km from Setúbal, and the best way to get there is by car. Despite being in a natural park and well outside the city, there is a restaurant, toilet, security guards, and even shade hire. It has a relatively large car park but is insufficient for the busiest days.

Although suitable for any vacationer, the sea, sand, and accessibility make it perfect for families and children. For all these characteristics, Figueirinha is one of the best beaches in Portugal.

Best beaches in Portugal – Alentejo

Tróia Beach, Grândola

The Tróia Peninsula is known for its stunning beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, very few waves, and a sandy beach as far as the eye can see. In the distance, on the other side, we also have a splendid view of Setúbal and especially the Arrabida mountains.

Access is relatively easy as it is close to some of Portugal’s most luxurious tourist developments. It is possible to go to Tróia by ferry from Setúbal, or by car from the south, from Alcácer do Sal and Comporta.

Although it is not exactly a city, in Tróia, there is more than enough ​​supporting infrastructure, from the usual shadows, cafes, and restaurants to spaces for volleyball, football, tennis, and rugby. This is another beach suitable for all types of travelers; however, it is an area known for being quite expensive.

Samoqueira Beach, Porto Covo

Samoqueira Beach is just 2 km north of Porto Covo and almost 15 km south of Sines. However, it is straightforward to access as the road that connects Sines to Porto Covo passes right in front of it and has a large car park. It doesn’t have other support infrastructures, and maybe that’s why, despite being stunning, it’s not one of the most popular in the region.

Sweeping and captivating, Praia da Samoqueira invites you to explore the caves, cliffs, and rocks as well as relax, sunbathe, and rest. It is a beach made up of several small bays formed between rocky outcrops that create small natural pools when the tide is low.

This beach is a natural postcard. If you are looking for a beach that looks like something out of a travel magazine, this is one of the best Portuguese beaches. Just don’t be fooled, the sand is white and fine, the water is turquoise but still rather cold…

beautiful beaches in Alentejo Portugal
Samoqueira Beach, Porto Covo- Alentejo Beaches

Pessegueiro Island Beach

Despite the name, the Pessegueiro island beach is not on the island but faces the small island 250 meters from the coast. This is a beach with fine and clear sand, but it has a lot of rocks, particularly in the southern part. If you want to go swimming, the central and northern part is much better. Since the island is right in front of the beach, it protects it. Thus, having few or no waves at low tide is normal, which is excellent for children.

It is possible to visit Pessegueiro Island on guided tours during the summer. You can see the salting tanks and the old 17th-century fort on the island. Also, don’t forget the Fort of Nossa Senhora, right behind the beach and next to the car park. Next to the fort, there is also a restaurant with a terrace.

For all it has to offer besides the sand and sea, this is one of our favorite beaches not only in the Alentejo but in the whole of Portugal.

unique beaches in Portugal
Ilha Pessegueiro beach, Porto Covo

Praia das Furnas, Longueira/Almograve

Officially the beach of Furnas is in Longueira/Almograve, in practice, it is a Vila Nova de Milfontes beach. Why? Because it’s literally on the other bank of the Mira River. To go there, you can take one of the many boats crossing the Mira River in Milfontes, walk across the bridge (it’s 3 km one way), or drive about 8 km.

In Milfontes, you have everything you need and more, but the south bank of the Rio Mira is entirely different. It is not developed at all, with only one restaurant and a beach cafe. Despite this, it is a top-rated beach, it is a beach that has something to offer everyone.

Since it is located at the mouth of the river Mira, this is both a river beach and a sea beach. If you like to do water sports, you can use the wonderful river Mira and have fun canoeing, SUP, etc. If you want waves, there’s the ocean on the other side. Furthermore, facing Milfontes, it offers a spectacular setting for one of the most beautiful Portuguese coastal towns.

Thus, it is not surprising that Praia das Furnas was one of the nominated and winner beaches in the 7 Wonders of Portugal contest.

award winning Portuguese beaches
Praia das Furnas – one of the winners of the seven natural wonders contest (beaches edition)

Zambujeira do Mar Beach, Odeceixe

There are many iconic beaches on this list, but few reach the status of Zambujeira do Mar. Located next to the village of Zambujeira do Mar and surrounded by ravines several dozen meters high, this beach is one of the great hallmarks of the Alentejo coast. The natural beauty of the Zambujeira area is remarkable, both for the soft sand beaches and the huge rocks and cliffs.

Of course, it is an urban beach, where you can find everything you need on the beach or nearby (bars, restaurants, cafes, lifeguards). There are car parks, but they are likely to be packed in the summer, given the beach’s popularity.

Anyway, Zambujeira is great for all types of travelers, more or less adventurous, of any age, and with different tastes.

Top tip: If you feel that Zambujeira Beach is too crowded, you can always go to Alteirinhos Beach, about one km to the south. It is equally beautiful, guarded, and even has a small waterfall.

Iconic beaches in Portugual
Zambujeira do Mar

Most Beautiful beaches in Portugal – Algarve

Odeceixe Beach, Aljezur

Only 3 km from Odeceixe, Aljezur, Odeceixe beach is a natural monument, one of the most popular images of Portugal, and one of the highlights of the Fishermen’s trail. Not only is it one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, but also Portugal. With long yellow sand facing the Atlantic, it is a typical beach on the west coast of Portugal and the Vincentian route.

Praia de Odeceixe has the peculiarity of being both a river and maritime beach, as the Ribeira de Seixe bathes the north and east of the beach while the sea bathes the west. Thus, we can choose whether to bathe in the ocean, river, or both.

With the Ribeira winding through the valley and the beach nestled between the sea, the stream, and the high cliffs and gorges all around, Praia de Odeceixe is one of the most beautiful in Portugal. Unfortunately, the water is usually fairly cold, as you would expect in this area. In any case, this is undoubtedly a beach worth visiting and admiring.

Portuguese Beaches you can't miss
One of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches – Odeceixe beach on the Algarve’s west coast

Camilo Beach, Lagos

Often considered the most beautiful beach in the Algarve, Praia do Camilo is aesthetically almost perfect. With small sand, almost vertical orange cliffs, turquoise water, rocks, and even caves, this beach is everything we imagine to be an Algarve beach… perhaps because it is often used in Algarve ads…

As gorgeous as this beach is, it has some problems. Access is via a staircase with more than 200 stairs, which makes access impossible for some people, the parking lot is small, and the beach is also smallish. Combining its popularity with its tiny size means it fills up very quickly in high season, making it very difficult to go there to the beach.

However, don’t let these details stop you from visiting Camilo Beach, as it is stunning – a postcard of the Algarve and the country and a place not to be missed when visiting Lagos. Our suggestion is to go to this area in low or shoulder season, or if it is high season, wake up early and go there immediately.

Most beautiful portuguese beaches
One of the most iconic beaches in Portugal – Praia do Camilo

Dona Ana Beach, Lagos

If Praia do Camilo is known, the nearby Praia Dona Ana is even more prevalent. It’s a bigger beach, so it accommodates many vacationers, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier to find a space for a towel.

Located about 2 km from the center of Lagos, it is perfectly accessible on foot, but access is also easy if you have a car, and it has a car park. Though, finding a place can be complicated during high season. Of course, it has all the necessary support equipment.

This region’s typical cliffs and rock formations are one of the biggest highlights of this beach and a source of inspiration for all who visit it. Thus, besides being one of the best beaches in the Algarve, it is also one of the most beautiful. It has already been considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and the world several times, and as such, it had to be part of our list of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

Portugal beautiful beaches - Lagos
Dona Ana beach- Portugal’s beautiful beaches

Alvor / Três Irmãos Beach

Alvor Beach has a long stretch of sand that goes all the way to Três Irmãos beach. This long stretch of sand extends for more than 3 km, forming a sandy barrier that allows the existence of the Ria do Alvor – an inland lagoon with marsh banks and calm waters.

The entire dune system was requalified, and a network of walkways and roads was built, giving excellent access to the beach and the jetty. It created an ideal place for family walks – offering viewpoints, rest points, and the possibility to see the typical habitats of the rias. In addition to being a bird sanctuary, the Ria do Alvor is also ideal for practicing water sports such as SUP, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

The beach of the three irmãos is the continuation of the beach from Alvor to the east, sharing some of its characteristics, but it also has some rock formations that provide a more sheltered setting than Alvor. It is also a wonderful beach, and very popular.

The Alvor Walkways connect the salt marsh area of ​​the Ria do Alvor to 3 Irmãos. This entire area is surrounded by several hotels and accommodations with good support infrastructure, several bars, and restaurants that include sailing, water skiing, or windsurfing in the estuary. Thus, both beaches are great for all types of travelers, from adventurers to families with children and the elderly.

most pleasant beaches in Portugal
3 irmãos beach is one of the most pleasant beaches in Portugal

Praia da Rocha, Portimão

Praia da Rocha (Rocha Beach) is one of Portugal’s biggest and most popular beaches. The sandy beach of Praia da Rocha is enormous, both in length and width, thus accommodating thousands of vacationers.

The typically calm, turquoise, and safe waters and the fine and spacious sand made Praia da Rocha one of the most iconic in the Algarve. It is an urban beach, highly developed with buildings all around it and with infrastructures that range from conditions for sporting activities (basketball, football, volleyball, and aerobics) to a casino and a vibrant nightlife.

For all these reasons, Praia da Rocha is one of the Algarve’s excellent beaches and one of Portugal’s international attractions. On the other hand, it is also one of the best beaches in Portugal for those looking for a lively place with lots of people, nightlife, and 24-hour activities. It is not the ideal beach for those who want adventure, wild or quiet tourism.

famous algarve beaches
Praia da Rocha, one of the most well-known beaches in Algarve

Carvoeiro Beach, Lagoa

Nestled between the ocher cliffs, the village of Carvoeiro, and of course, the sea, the beach of Carvoeiro has medium-sized sand, but where there are plenty of tourists. The main distinguishing point of this beach is the white village of Carvoeiro stretched along the cliff, creating a harmonious and picturesque setting.

The village ends right on top of the beach, which means a good variety of restaurants, bars, and terraces along the beach. This former fishing village is currently mainly a tourist village, where there are many activities, but the most popular are the boat trips along the coast, which show you some caves, caves, and other rock formations.

Of course, it is a beach with adequate access, a car park (which fills up quickly), and all the basic infrastructure such as toilets, bathing, and recreational facilities.

recommended Algarve beaches Portugal
The lovely Carvoeiro beach

Marinha Beach, Lagoa

Praia da Marinha is another of the most beautiful and photographed beaches in the Algarve. As you can see, it is tough to say which is the most beautiful beach in Portugal, but without a doubt, Praia da Marinha will be very close to the top.

It has all the features that make a good beach—turquoise water surprisingly, clean sand, and immense rock formations. Beautiful accesses and privileged views. Several viewpoints with different perspectives. Exceptional and extraordinary marine life.

Access to Praia da Marinha is via a staircase that leads to what appears to be a small beach, which later surprises us by extending over a much larger space. The beach is surrounded by cliffs of warm colors, very fissured; all around, there is a huge variety of rock formations such as rocks, arches, caves, and grottos.

The only negative point that comes to mind is that all these qualities bring great popularity, which is why Marinha Beach is often completely crowded in the high season.

There is a huge new car park at the top of the cliff, the beach has a bar/restaurant with a toilet, and at the top of the cliff, there are even some picnic tables. Marinha Beach is also the starting point of the Seven hanging valleys trail, the most beautiful trail in the Algarve and one of the best hiking trails in Portugal.

amazing beaches in portugal - Algarve
Praia da Marinha, a solid contender for the most beautiful beach in Portugal contest

Barril Beach, Tavira

Barril Beach is one of the best-known in the western Algarve. It is a vast beach, with almost endless white sand and a crystal clear sea. With few waves and an enjoyable water temperature, this is a beautiful beach for swimming. Another striking feature of Barril Beach is the anchor cemetery at the entrance to the beach.

Located on Tavira island, access to the beach can be done by a small pedestrian path or by a tourist train that connects the island of Tavira to Santa Luzia. The experience and the route are curious, to say the least, and very popular with both children and adults. There is a parking lot next to the place where you can catch the train, but it is pretty small for the beach’s volume.

Despite being on a deserted island, Praia do Barril has several restaurants and bars that offer the possibility of having lunch and snacks in comfort. It also has surveillance during the bathing season, making it even safer.

For all this, this is one of the best beaches in the Algarve and one of our favorites for relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming. To the east of Barril Beach is the beach on the island of Tavira, and to the west is the beach of the nude man and the naturist beach. In practice, it’s all a very long beach, with several kilometers, because there is no separation between them. The best way to access the naturist beach is to go to Praia do Barril and then walk west.

best Algarve beaches Portugal
Praia do Barril, Best Portugal Beaches Algarve

Monte Gordo Beach, Vila Real de Santo António

Monte Gordo Beach is one of the pioneers of tourism in the Algarve. Its calm and warm waters and the endless clear sand have always been its most prominent attractions. In fact, in our experience, this is the beach with the warmest water in mainland Portugal, and therefore it could never miss any Portugal beaches list.

Monte Gordo was originally a fishing village, and the west side of the town still retains some of its fishing charisma. Still, nowadays, it is mainly a tourist village and therefore has everything a holidaymaker needs. On the lively waterfront, we have landscaped spaces, tourist facilities, restaurants, bars, and various commercial establishments, while on the sand, we can rent shades and chairs.

In the height of summer, the village and beach of Monte Gordo have a lot of tourists, which can become uncomfortable, especially in the central areas. However, we must mention that Monte Gordo Beach is almost endless, and it is always possible to walk a little further to find a more secluded spot.

If hot water is your priority, the best beaches in Portugal are in the Western Algarve, and our favorites are the ones in Monte Gordo and Manta Rota.

Best beaches in Portugal with warm water
Monte Gordo Beach, one of the most popular Algarve beaches among Portuguese

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