What is Vinho Verde (Green Wine) – characteristics, varieties, and how to consume

O que é o Vinho Verde

Despite being a territorially small country, Portugal has an exceptional variety and quantity of wines. More and more Portuguese wines are winning honorable prizes in high-quality international competitions. Not only for a brand, a grape variety, or a region but for the generality of the wines. Among them is the Vinho Verde – a wine …

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Everything about Freamunde’s capon

CaCapao de Freamunde cover

Capon, or Capão in Portuguese, is a delicacy appreciated in Portugal but especially in Freamunde, a town in the Paços de Ferreira municipality, in the North of Portugal. This Portuguese city excelled in the art of caponizing and cooking capon. In addition to Freamunde, there are other places in Portugal where capon is appreciated, such …

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Portuguese King Cake

Tudo sobre o Bolo Rei Portugues

Bolo-Rei or King Cake (sometimes King’s Cake) is the king of the Christmas Cakes, but it is also a centerpiece in many other traditional parties in Portugal. This cake has a long tradition in Portugal, and it is a “mandatory” presence at many Portuguese parties, namely at Christmas, New Year, King’s Day, and Easter. In …

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