25 Best things to do in Sao Miguel, Azores

O que fazer em São Miguel, Açores

São Miguel is an outstanding tourist destination. It has attractions and natural monuments that cannot be found anywhere else in Portugal. Here, we can find hikes, waterfalls, natural pools, black-sand beaches, viewpoints, and much more. We also have very beautiful cities, towns, and villages set in fabulous natural settings. And then there are all the …

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What to eat in São Miguel Azores? Typical dishes of São Miguel

O que comer em São Miguel nos Açores

In this article, we will discuss the typical dishes of São Miguel, their ingredients, and their various associated traditions. São Miguel in the Azores is known as the green island and the land of happy cows. This volcanic island with fertile soil and a temperate climate is surrounded by high seas, creating the perfect setting …

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Where to eat in São Miguel, Açores – best restaurants

Onde comer em São Miguel nos Açores

São Miguel in the Azores has so much to offer and so many attractions we sometimes forget it is also a foodie destination. Known as the green island, its temperate climate is excellent for agricultural and livestock production. Consequently, it has high-quality ingredients such as corn, sweet potatoes, tea, beef, cheese, fish, and fresh seafood. …

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