Rota das Dunas trail, Mira – PR5 MIR

Rota das Dunas Mira

Mira, and Praia de Mira in concrete, is one of the most popular destinations in central-north Portugal. Located in an area of pine forests, huge beaches, lots of water lines, and a freshwater lagoon. Mira is a destination within Portugal, one that’s very popular among locals, but completely forgotten by foreigners. Thus, it is not …

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Preguiça trail, Geres – PR10 TBR

Preguiça trail

Preguiça trail – PR10 TRB is one of the most well-known and popular trails in Peneda Geres National Park. First, because it goes through several interesting places in the park, like Leonte and Laja waterfalls, Preguiça lookout and preguiça woods. Second because it’s reasonablt short and circular, thus not too hard. Lastly, it’s close to …

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Penedo Furado trail and walkways

We first heard about Penedo Furado because of its beautiful river beach, one of the most popular in central Portugal. Then we read it had a walkway and decided to look further in the area and to discover about the waterfalls, the lookout, and a rare 480M years fossil… Well, this must be worth a …

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