The story and legend of Pedro and Ines

Lenda de Pedro e Inês de Castro

Pedro and Ines … love, tragedy, myth, legend, reality … today’s story has been told so many times that it is difficult to distinguish what is fiction and what is reality. Let’s try to clarify what is known to have really happened, where there are doubts and what is really legend! Due to family intrigues, …

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The Miracle of the Roses

O milagre das rosas

The legend of the Miracle of Roses is one of the best known in Portuguese Popular Culture, and it is undoubtedly one of my favorites. After our last visit to Sabugal, where this miracle supposedly occurred, we decided to investigate a little more about this legend and “discovered” a curiosity, to say the least … …

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The legend of the Portuguese rooster

Portuguese rooster

The Portuguese Rooster (it’s actually Barcelos rooster) is one of the most popular Portuguese symbols. There are no Portuguese who don’t know it, and even many foreigners already heard about it … if it’s not for anything else, for its curious and colorful design. But, how did a rooster become one of the country’s greatest …

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