Hiking the Gameiro Walkways in Mora, Alentejo

Located in the Gameiro Ecological Park in Mora, the Gameiro walkways are about 1.5km long and are among the most accessible in Portugal.

Although not on our list of the best walkways in Portugal, the Gameiro walkways are worth a visit as you can walk along the river, enjoying the typical Alentejo landscapes with ease and comfort.

The Gameiro walkways are part of a slightly longer route called the Gameiro route, which includes three parts:

  • Gameiro walkways
  • Riverside trail
  • Montado trail

In total, It is a 5.5 km circular hike that despite being a little more difficult than just the Gameiro footbridges, is also relatively easy and accessible to practically everyone. In this article, we are going to talk about both routes, exploring everything you need to know about the Gameiro walkways and route.

Mora walkways
How to hike the Gameiro Walkways

Gameiro Route – general information

  • Name: Gameiro Walkways/tour
  • Home – Gameiro river beach
  • End – Gameiro river beach
  • Distance – 5.5 km
  • Time required – 1h30 to 2 hours
  • Difficulty – easy
  • Max/min altitude: 120/60 meters
  • Altitude gain: NA
  • type – circular
  • Signaling (1-5) – 4
  • Highlights: Gameiro Ecological Park, Alentejo Montado
Gameiro Route - general information
Gameiro footpaths

Our experience on the Gameiro walkways

As we mentioned, two possibilities exist to explore the Gameiro walkways.

The first involves taking the walkways from the river beach to its end and then returning along the same path. The walkways are 1.5 km long and therefore imply a walk of about 3 km that takes about 1 hour, calmly.

The other possibility is to start the route in the same place, continue until the end of the walkways and then continue along the riverside trail for about 1.5 km and then turn to the cork oak trail which is another 2.5km. In total, it is 5.5 km.

Both trails start at the river beach, close to the Mora River, an attraction that is also worth visiting when taking the walk. The start of the walkways is very easy to find and even easier to follow.

How to go on a walk in the Gameiro walkways
Gameiro river beach in Mora

When starting the Gameiro walkways, we always have the reservoir on the right side and the trees on the left. Despite this, we don’t have many shadows along the 1.5 km walkways.

The route is always flat, with some benches to stop and rest if necessary. After just over 1 km of walking, there is a small exit on the left that leads to an observatory. If you are interested, you can take this short detour.

At the end of the walkways, you will have to decide whether you want to continue along the riverside trail and then onto the cork oak forest, or if you want to go back. Continuing to the trail, the landscape is initially similar, but now we walk on a narrow trail and, therefore less accessible.

Everything about hiking the Gameiro walkways
Passadiços do Gameiro is a flat trail accessible to all

The riverside trail is completely flat and lasts about 1.5 km until we reach a part where we have to turn left. It is not indicated, but it is easy to see that we have to turn to return to the starting point.

Turning left onto the Montado trail, we must start a relatively long but not very difficult climb. As we go up, the landscape changes, and we enter the cork oak forests. It’s an excellent opportunity to get a closer look at these magnificent trees that give us cork, one of Portugal’s main exports.

The route follows the cork oak forest, undulating a little and always on a dirt road. It is possible that you will find animals (cows mainly) but don’t worry. They won’t mess with you if you don’t mess with them.

Eventually, the path begins to descend, and we arrive at the river, close to the starting point. It’s a short, simple, and very accessible hike. Great to do as a family and get to know the typical landscapes of Alentejo.

Hiking the Gameiro walkways in Mora
Slight climb on the Gameiro trail

Best time of year to hike the Gameiro route

The Gameiro route can be done all year round, but we would say that the best time is during spring and autumn when the sun is less intense, but it is unlikely to rain.

We have to note that the worst time to do these routes will be in the height of summer and especially when the sun is high and intense. In the interior of Alentejo, the temperatures reached can be very high, and most of the route has no shade.

Best time of the year hike the Gameiro Walkways
Montado area on the Gameiro trail

Who can hike the Gameiro walkways?

Part of the Gameiro walkways is accessible to everyone. Literally anyone as, even children, the elderly, and people in wheelchairs, can go to the walkways. There are no slopes or stairs, and if you are tired, you can always use the benches along the way to rest or go back.

The rest of the route is perfectly possible to be done with the family, but it is not wheelchair accessible. There are ups and downs, but nothing extraordinary. It’s one of the most accessible trails we’ve ever done.

What to take to the Gameiro Walkways?

The route of these walkways is so easy and quick to do that, in fact, you don’t need to take anything with you. You can do the route in sneakers, shoes, or flip-flops. There won’t be much of a problem.

If you go in summer, we advise you to bring a water bottle as it can get very hot. By the way, if you go to the walkways, you can also go to the river beach and if you go, don’t forget your towel and bathing suit. But you don’t need to take them with you for the walk.

As always, please don’t litter. Bring everything you take with you.

What to take to the Gameiro footpaths
Gameiro Reservoir in Mora

How to get to the trail?

To get to the Gameiro trail, you have to go to the Gameiro Ecological Park. The easiest way to do this is by car. If you don’t have a car, going to the walkways won’t be easy.

Coming by car, it is very likely that you will have to go through Mora and then follow the Nacional 2 northwards for a few KM. Next to Núcleo Museológico da Barroca, turn right and continue for about 5 km. When you reach the Gameiro dam, you must cross it to reach your destination.

Both the ecological and river parks are marked on Google Maps, so it’s quite easy to get there. Upon arrival, you can park in the river beach car park (closer) or even in the Fluviário.

How to get to the Gameiro Walkways in Mora
Start of the Gameiro trail, Mora

Where to stay when visiting the Gameiro walkways?

The Gameiro Walkways is an activity for just about 2 hours, but if you want, you can enjoy the beach, the bar with a terrace and the river. It’s well worth it. Thus, they are an excellent destination for anyone passing through the Alentejo or doing the N2 road.

The best place to stay near the boardwalks is in or around Mora. But in practice, there are few quality accommodation options in Mora, we advise you to stay at Casas da Romaria in Brotas, which is about 12 km from the walkways.

Casas da Romaria are traditional Alentejo houses with an equipped kitchen, ideal for homes or groups of up to four people. The excellent reviews from other travelers do not deceive, which is why they are the best option in the region. See if it’s available here.

If you want a bigger city, you’ll probably have to go to Évora, but it’s already about 2 hours away.

What to do in the Mora Walkways
Children’s park at the beginning of the Gameiro Walkways

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