6 Best things to do in Guimaraes

“Aqui nasceu Portugal” – “Here Portugal was born”! This sentence is engraved on the remains of the walls of Guimarães and reflects the proud and long history of the town. Here we will show you the places to visit, the streets to roam and ultimately, the best things to do in Guimarães and how to … Read more

How to Visit Sistelo and hike the Ecovia do Vez

Ecovia do Vez

Sistelo and Ecovia do Vez go perfectly for a 2-day trip in Northern Portugal. It combines one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal with the best trail in the region. Plus, there’s great food, nice river beaches and so much more! Let’s explore what Ecovia do Vez and Sistelo have to offer! Ecovia do … Read more

Pastel de Nata or Pastel de Belem? What’s the difference?

Pastel de Nata or Pastel de Belem (or in English custard tarts, Portuguese egg tarts, and a few other translations) is the most famous of the Portuguese desserts. However, you may be wondering if it isn’t the same thing… Sometimes you read pastel de nata, other Pastel de Belem… what’s the difference? Pastel de Nata … Read more