11 Best lookouts in Geres

We love Peneda Geres National Park. We have written extensively about it. We have already shared the most typical villages of Gerês, the best waterfalls in Geres, several trails, and the best places to stay in Gerês, but we were missing a post about the spectacular lookouts in Geres!

A region with the characteristics of the Portuguese National Park must present us with some of the best viewpoints in the country, offering views to many places of extraordinary beauty. So, without further ados, let’s explore the best lookouts in Geres.

11 Best Viewpoints in Geres

Pedra Bela Viewpoint

The Pedra Bela lookout is one of the best known and most popular in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Located at an altitude of 829 meters in the municipality of Terras do Bouro, it is extremely popular due to the fabulous views of the Gerês river valley, the village of Gerês, and the Caniçada reservoir.

As we said, this viewpoint is very popular, so if you can, go during the week or outside the summer season. During the high season, a lot of people gather there.

Getting to the viewpoint is relatively easy, and you can drive very close by. There is a relatively large parking lot and even picnic tables. Access to the Pedra Bela Viewpoint is via stairs dug into the rocks. Although there are some safety barriers, we advise you to be careful, especially if you have children.

  • GPS location: 41°42’57.4″N 8°09’11.4″W – is marked on google maps.
Best lookouts in Geres
One of the most famous landmarks in Geres – Pedra Bela Viewpoint

Fafião Viewpoint

The Fafião viewpoint is one of the newest lookouts in Geres National Park and quickly became one of our favorites. Located at the top of Aldeia de Fafião, in the parish of Cabril, Montalegre, this viewpoint offers fantastic views over the valley of the Arado river, the Fafião river, and the Salamonde dam in the background. It is also an excellent place to enjoy the other significant point of interest in the village, Fojo do Lobo de Fafião.

Built on top of huge granite rock and accessed via a pedestrian bridge, this is not a viewpoint for those afraid of heights. However, it is perfectly safe and can be visited even with children, as long as minimum care is taken.

Access to the viewpoint is via the village of Fafião. You can leave the car there and walk to the viewpoint. It is well signposted, you will have no problem finding it. There is also the possibility of taking the vehicle closer via a small dirt road, but if you don’t have mobility problems, we advise you to take the opportunity and take the short walk.

  • GPS location: 41°42’22.6″N 8°05’22.0″W – marked on google maps
Famous lookouts in Geres
Beautiful and unique Fafião Viewpoint

Tibo Viewpoint

Tibo Viewpoint is perhaps the most accessible of all on this list as it is right next to the M202 road between Tibo and Adrão, in the Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez. Thus, it is perfectly possible to park there, and anyone (from children to the elderly and people with less mobility) can enjoy this place.

Maybe because it is so easy to access, this viewpoint is often overlooked or forgotten. Still, the truth is that it offers a magnificent view of the Peneda valley and mountains and the Laboreiro valley.

With almost 800 meters of altitude, this viewpoint allows us to see the Alto Lindoso reservoir in the background. On the other side, we can see all the way into the Peneda sanctuary. It is an authentic balcony for this entire Peneda Gerês National Park area.

  • GPS location: 41°55’41.1″N 8°14’14.6″W – marked on google maps.
Best lookouts in Geres
Tibo Viewpoint – view of the Peneda valley and mountains and the Laboreiro valley

Castro Laboreiro Castle Viewpoint

Castro Laboreiro castle is much more than just a viewpoint. It is one of the best-known and most impressive monuments in the Peneda Gerês National Park, but it also serves as a magnificent lookout.

The Castelo is located about 500 meters outside the village. To go there, follow the M1160 road towards the village of Pontes. When you see the castle sign, you have to park your car and hike the rest of the way. It is a tough hike despite being close because it climbs a lot.

Anyway, as long as you don’t have mobility issues, you won’t have any problems getting up there. From the top of the Castle, we are at an altitude of 1033 meters. From this strategic point, we can see the village of Castro Laboreiro, one of the most beautiful villages in Gerês, as well as the surrounding mountains and valleys.

  • GPS location: 42°01’21.9″N 8°09’27.0″W – the viewpoint is not marked, but the Castle is marked.
Well known lookouts in Geres
Castro Laboreiro Castle Viewpoint with the village in the back

Rocas Viewpoint

Located between the village of Ermida and Pedra Bela, Miradouro das Rocas is at an altitude of about 800 meters, and from there, we have a 360º panoramic view. We have a panoramic view of the summits of the Gerês mountain range, the Arado river, and its beautiful stone bridge. It is also a place where you can see some of the immense forests of ​​the National Park.

Access to the viewpoint is not easy as it is on top of a granite cluster, almost like a tower or a castle. To get there, we have to leave the car at the beginning of the dirt road that gives access to the Arado Waterfall.

From there, it is straightforward, as it is signposted. We simply have to follow the arrows and go up an inclined path until we reach the top of the granite outcrop. Despite being a challenging climb, it’s not particularly dangerous and even has some handrails to help you climb safely. Just be careful if it’s damp.

  • GPS location: 41°42’58.0″N 8°07’45.9″W – is marked on google maps
Most beautiful lookouts of Geres
View of Arado valley from the Rocas Viewpoint

Ermida Viewpoint

Relatively close to the viewpoint of Rocas, we also find the Ermida lookout, which, as the name implies, is located in Ermida village. Access is easy as it is inside the village and along the road that crosses through it. It has a small park where you can park your car. Going to the viewpoint itself requires some stairs, but it is possible to have a good view next to the road.

Despite being located at “only” 550 meters of altitude, you can see the river Lima in the background, and there are those who say that you can see the ocean. Despite being a mandatory stop whenever we pass by the Ermida, we have never confirmed that it is possible to see the ocean. We don’t know whether it’s legend or reality, we don’t know, but we suggest you try it when you go there.

Despite everything else, the highlight of this viewpoint is the terraces surrounding the village of Ermida. Although they are not as well known, nor as spectacular, like the ones in Sistelo, they are well worth the stop and add a lot of value to the rural landscape of the village.

  • GPS location: 41°42’08.4″N 8°07’44.2″W – is marked on google maps

Preguiça Lookout

Located next to the forest Preguiça house, this viewpoint is right next to the road. To get there, take the N308-1 that goes from Gerês to the Portela do Homem Espanha. It is easy to identify as it is located just a few meters from the Casa Floresta da Preguiça.

There are only a few dozen meters and stairs from the road to the viewpoint. Despite being close, the stairs and the rocky terrain prevent access to wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility. Everyone else can enjoy the views easily.

From this viewpoint, we can see the fabulous valley of the river Gerês, the village of Gerês, and the Caniçada reservoir in the background. Despite not being as high as others on this list, the central location and the straight aspect of the valley allow for a different angle and spectacular photos.

The Preguiça viewpoint also marks the beginning and end of the Preguiça trail that takes us to the Preguiça forest and the Laja and Leonte waterfalls. It’s not a long trail nor a very difficult one, so it’s a suggestion for those who have a few hours to spare. See all information here.

  • GPS coordinates – 41°45’04.1″N 8°09’11.0″W – is marked on Google Maps
lookouts in Geres that you must go
Views of the Gerês river valley, the village of Gerês, and the Caniçada reservoir from Sloth Viewpoint

Junceda Viewpoint

Located close to the Junceda guard’s house, the Junceda viewpoint is about 915 meters high. It offers incredible views over the Gerês river valley (including the tops of the mountains Pé do Cabril and Borrageiro), the Gerês fault valley, and with the Caniçada reservoir in the background.

This is one of the three viewpoints on this list that is part of the Miradouros trail – PR6, but to go there, you won’t have to hike this spectacular but challenging trail. The easiest way to get to Junceda is by car – from the road that connects the village of Gerês to Campo Gerês, there is an exit on the right signposted Junceda. It’s only 3 km, but it’s on a dirt road.

If you have no problem taking the car to a dirt road, drive to the house and viewpoint. Access is easy and possible for everyone, including children and the elderly. Otherwise, the walk is long, and if you want to hike the viewpoints trail, it is pretty difficult.

  • GPS coordinates – 41°44’32.1″N 8°10’05.2″W – is marked on Google Maps
Most important lookouts in Geres
Junceda Lookout and an excellent picnic spot for lunch

Boneca Viewpoint

The Boneca Viewpoint is the second on our list, accessible via the Miradouros trail. Despite being a little lower at 750 meters of altitude, we have a beautiful perspective from the Portela de Leonte to the bridges of the river Caldo in Caniçada.

If you don’t want to take the Miradouros trail, you can access Boneca via a dirt road about 1.5km, from a junction on the M533 road that goes from Vila do Campo Gerês. Access to the Boneca lookout is more complicated than the Junceda or Pedra Negra that we discuss below.

  • GPS coordinates – 41°43’40.4″N 8°10’15.3″W – is marked on Google Maps
cool lookouts in Geres
Breathtaking view from the Boneca Viewpoint

Viewpoint of Fraga Negra

Located at just 575 meters above sea level, the Fraga Negra Viewpoint is the third and lowest viewpoint on the west bank of the Gerês River. The view is similar to the previous ones but with less range and greater proximity, making it easier to see the details.

Access to this viewpoint is also via the M533 road, accessible with a walk of about 500 meters, though constantly climbing. The walk is not challenging, but in the end, we have some stairs, which can prevent some people with reduced mobility from getting there. Otherwise, it is accessible to all other people.

  • GPS coordinates – 41°43’37.8″N 8°10’04.4″W – is marked on Google Maps
Geres lookouts
Beautiful lookout in Geres – Viewpoint of Fraga Negra

Pitões de Júnias Waterfall Viewpoint

This viewpoint is located in a completely different area of ​​the National Park, in Pitões das Júnias, Montalegre. As the name implies, the main attraction of the viewpoint is the Pitões de Júnias Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Gerês.

The Pviewpoint Júnias Waterfall is about 30 meters high and falls into a small lake of granite outcrops. The Ribeiro de Pitões is not very big, but on days of high tide becomes a fascinating waterfall, so we advise you to visit it during the rainy season. During the summer, the flow is usually small and less impressive.

Access to the viewpoint is easy but only possible for people without mobility problems as it includes going up and down around 250 stairs on walkways with a length of around 500 meters. Access to the walkways is close to the village of Pitões de Júnias. It is well marked and has a large car park.

  • GPS coordinates – 41°49’47.9″N 7°56’57.5″W – marked on google maps
Best lookouts of Geres
View of Pitões das Júnias Waterfall, with very little water

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