Where to eat in Madeira? 20 of the best restaurants in Madeira

When we think about Madeira, food may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the truth is that Madeira has a lot to offer when it comes to food – with a sub-tropical climate, exotic and delicious fruit, and fresh fish. Madeira’s food has characteristics of typical Portuguese cuisine but with a tropical touch.

Furthermore, this is one of the most visited islands in Europe, with thousands of tourists from all over the world visiting all year round. Thus, being a touristy island, it offers diverse and quality restaurants.

In this list, we have gathered restaurants that we really like and that we recommend trying in Madeira. We asked Madeirans and friends who live in Madeira to recommend to us where to eat in Madeira. A good part of these we have already had the opportunity to visit in person, while the others we asked of friends to share their main characteristics and why they enjoy them.

In this article on the best restaurants in Madeira, we have included restaurants of all budgets, from the cheapest to the most luxurious, from the most traditional to the most modern, fish and seafood restaurants, snacks, and meat restaurants. We chose restaurants that are spread all over the island, from North to South, East to West.

We didn’t have any financial incentive or sponsorship; these are restaurants that we like and/or that were recommended by some of our friends who live in Madeira.

Best restaurants in Madeira
Fruit in Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal

Best restaurants in Madeira – Funchal

Dona Joana Rabo-de-Peixe

Located in the old part of Funchal, Dona Joana Rabo-de-Peixe is one of the most famous restaurants in Funchal. It is frequented both by locals and tourists, serving typical Madeiran food such as black swordfish with Madeiran banana, tomato soup, and grilled limpets, among others.

It’s a nice restaurant, well-located and with quality dishes. However, we did not find it an extraordinary or memorable experience.

  • Price – 20 to 30 € per person;
  • Service – friendly staff and pleasant ambiance;
  • Location: Rua de Santa Maria 77, 9060-291 Funchal;
Recommended restaurants in Madeira
Black swordfish with banana and passionfruit in Dona Joana Rabo-de-Peixe

Salt Warehouse

Armazém do Sal is the most luxurious restaurant with fantastic food in Funchal. We didn’t go there yet, but our Madeiran friends say it’s very good. It serves traditional Madeiran food but with a Gourmet touch. It is a more expensive restaurant, but from what we were told, the dish of the day at lunch is more accessible, maintaining high-quality levels.

  • Price – 25 to 40 € per person
  • Location: R. da Alfândega 135, 9000-059 Funchal

Caco do Bolo do Caco

Bolo do Caco is a typical Madeiran bread. It is a slightly leavened flatbread and has a light dough and thin crust. It is often served with butter and garlic but is also very delicious for making sandwiches. And that’s exactly what Casa do Bolo do Caco specializes in – bolo do caco sandwiches.

Caco do Bolo do Caco serves “pregos“, hamburgers, the traditional vine meat, and garlic sandwich, and Bolo de Caco with chorizo. The sandwiches are served with fries. You can eat on the terrace of the snack bar or choose to take it away. The sandwiches are delicious – comfort food with a touch of Madeira.

  • Price – 3 to 6 € per person
  • Service – fast and pleasant terrace
  • Location: Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas 26, 9050-021 Funchal
Where to eat in Madeira
Prego in bolo do caco from Casa do Bolo do Caco – Best restaurants in Madeira

Restaurants to eat Espetada em pau de Louro – Câmara de Lobos

Coming to Madeira and not eating a laurel skewer is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope – skewers in a laurel stick are one of the most traditional dishes from Madeira. The espetada consists of pieces of beef skewered on a laurel stick, which are grilled over coals and served with fried corn, fries, and salad.

The best restaurants in Madeira to eat the typical espetadas are usually situated in Câmara de Lobos. It is believed that the first restaurants to serve this traditional dish appeared in this Madeiran city. There are exceptions, though, and one of our favorites is on the north coast, far from Câmara de Lobos.

Santo António

The Santo António restaurant is one of the best-known restaurants specializing in laurel skewers. It is a large restaurant where most locals go to eat espetadas.

All our friends we asked about where to eat espetadas mentioned Santo António as a reference, although not all of them indicated it as their favorite.

The meat of the skewers is of very good quality. As for side dishes, we have bolo do caco, crispy fried corn, and a good salad. You can choose skewered laurel stick or not. In addition to the espetada, the passion fruit and the Oreo puddings are quite good. The restaurant is usually full, so it is advisable to book in advance.

  • Price – Good value for money, 15 to 20 € per person
  • Service – fast, even when it’s full
  • Location: Estr. João Gonçalves Zarco n 656, 9325-087 Estreito De Câmara
Good restaurants in Madeira
Where to eat in Madeira

The Vides

The restaurant As Vides is another of the restaurants in Câmara de Lobos that is very famous because of the kebabs in Louro wood. We didn’t go to this restaurant, but it was recommended by a friend who lived in Madeira. We’ve heard that the meat of the espetadas is just as good as in the others. It is served with traditional fried corn, and bolo do caco. The owners are very friendly.

On the other hand, the restaurant is a little dark, less modern, which meant that two of the people we asked for references didn’t put it among their favorites.

  • Price – 10 to 15 € per person
  • Service – fast and very friendly
  • Location- R. da Achada 17, 9325-017, Estreito Camera

O Polar

The restaurant O Polar is another restaurant of reference when it comes to skewers with laurel sticks. It was another restaurant recommended by a Madeiran that we haven’t been yey. As per our source, it has a good quality and price. As always, the espetada comes with fried corn and bolo do caco.

  • Price – Good value for money 10 to 15 € per person
  • Service – fast and very friendly
  • Location- Rua do Pico da Torre, nº26, 9300- 004 Câmara de Lobos

World food restaurants in Madeira

Indian Palace

If you by any chance you craving for Indian food while in Madeira, this is the place to go. It has all the typical Indian dishes, the usual very delicious. It is a pleasant space with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea.

It’s close to the hotel area, so it’s quite possible that you’ll be staying close by and it’s very convenient to go there.

  • Price – Price 15 to 20 € per person
  • Location – Estrada Monumental 197, 9000-100 São Martinho

Hoyo Hoyo – Flavors of Mozambique

If you want to try different food from the other side of the world, Hoyo hoyo is one of our recommendations. This Mozambican restaurant is very good, and the flavors are authentic. With a very complete menu and delicious dishes, it is well worth giving this restaurant a try.

The restaurant’s fried cassava transports us to Africa, namely to the year we lived in Angola. We know that Angola is not Mozambique, but the fried cassava at this restaurant was so good that it reminded us what we ate in restaurants in Angola.

The space is beautiful and pleasant; the employees are friendly. As we already mentioned, food, besides being different, is divine.

good food in Madeira
Frango com piri-piri do restaurante – Hoyo Hoyo – Sabores de Moçambique

Castelo dos Hamburguers

If you want to eat a Hamburger in Madeira, we heard that Castelo dos Hambuguers is the place to go. Advised by a friend of ours from Madeira, this restaurant is located in Funchal. It is discreet, not very touristy, and frequented by locals.

They have delicious and cheap burgers and smoothies.

  • Price – 5-8 € per person
  • Location- Rua da Carreira 267, 9000-042 Funchal

Madeira Sul Restaurants

Joe’s Bar

Joe’s Bar is located in the beautiful village of Jardim do Mar in the south of Madeira. It is a bar with a very amusing decoration and the ideal place to have a light meal. Unfortunately, when we went there, it was closed, but the restaurant has excellent reviews and was highly recommended by a Madeiran friend.

The food looks great and has everything to spend pleasant moments relaxing and enjoying the trip. This restaurant serves sandwiches and snacks and is another outstanding place to drink a fresh poncha. It’s also a great excuse to go to Jardim do Mar – one of the most beautiful places in Madeira.

  • Price – 10-15€ per person
  • Service – well decorated and cozy place
  • Location- Vereda da Igreja nº12, 9370-413 Jardim do Mar
Madeira recommended restaurants
Boardwalk in Jardim do Mar, Madeira

O Ideal

The Ideal is a beach bar in Paúl do Mar; it’s a small space with a terrace right in front of Cais beach. The restaurant serves delicious snacks such as limpets, octopus, shrimp, roe and fried mackerel. It is a great place to rest, sunbathe and enjoy the sea view.

The big disadvantage of this bar is that if it’s raining, there are no places to eat, the bar is very small, and only 2 to 4 people can fit inside the establishment, so there are only seats on the terrace that are only available when it’s sunny.

  • Price – 10-15€ per person
  • Service – Good place if you want to sunbathe and see the sea, not recommended when it rains
  • Place – Street do Pier 16, 9370-510 Paúl do Mar
where to eat in Madeira
Fishing village of Paúl do Mar, Madeira

Madeira Restaurants on the north coast

Casa de Pasto Justiniano

Casa de Pasto Justiniano is an amazing restaurant. It’s one of those places where you feel like you could take a plane to Madeira just to eat a stuffed trout or an espetada. It is located in a small village near Seixal and is a bit far from everything and not easy to find.

The restaurant is very atmospheric and looks like a shepherd’s shelter – a cozy place with a roaring fireplace. The menu is small but of great quality; meat and fish are cooked in the fireplace. We recommend the stuffed trout from the nurseries close to the restaurant and the laurel skewers with fried corn and bolo do caco. Both are simply delicious.

We think Casa de Pasto Justiniano is one of the best restaurants in Madeira, if not the best. In addition to the food being divine, the experience is memorable.

  • Price – 15-20€ per person
  • Service – Owners are very friendly and welcoming
  • Location- Chão da Ribeira 9270- 127 Seixal
Restaurants you can't miss in Madeira
Stuffed tourt in restaurant Casa de Pasto Justiniano in Madeira – Best Madeira restaurants

Quinta do Furão

Quinta do Furão is one of the most luxurious and expensive restaurants in our recommendations, but we think it’s money well spent. It offers us the culinary experience but above all an incredible view. The restaurant is located on top of a cliff in Achada do Gramacho, in Santana. While eating, you can enjoy the fantastic sea view of the island’s north coast.

The restaurant serves some typical food from Madeira, such as wheat soup and black scabbard fillets with fried banana, and some traditional mainland dishes. What we enjoyed the most were the desserts – the sweet potato, walnut cheesecake with Dulce de leche was divine.

Quinta do Furão, in addition to having a restaurant, has a hotel, a pub and a wine cellar, so it can be a good option for those who want to spend a few days on the north coast of the island.

  • Price – €25-40/ person
  • Service – Amazing, and even better with a view
  • Location- Estrada da Quinta do Furão nº 6 9230-082 Santana
Madeira Restaurants with a view
Delicious dessert – sweet potato, walnut cheesecake with Dulce de leche in Quinta do Furão – Best restaurants of Madeira.

Casa de Palha

Casa de Palha is a very cozy restaurant in São Jorge that serves comfort food, “homemade” – that kind of food that grandma makes for family lunches. One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is the shrimp Consommé served in the bread. It’s both delicious and original. We also fancied the homemade peanut ice cream, one of the best ice creams we’ve ever had in a restaurant.

In addition to the good food, the restaurant’s vibe is very pleasant, especially when the weather is nice, you can choose to eat on the terrace in the middle of the garden.

  • Price – €10-20 per person
  • Service – friendly owners and pleasant atmosphere
  • Location- Father Francisco Marques de Mendoça 5, 9230-143 São Jorge
restaurants we loved in Madeira
schrimp Consommé served in bread at Casa de Palha – Madeira restaurants to try

Cantinho da Serra

Cantinho da Serra is a rustic restaurant located in Santana. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to go there, but it was very well recommended by a Madeiran friend. It is a restaurant that serves traditional food from Madeira and the mainland, some of which are made in a wood-fired oven.

It has everything to be good. In fact, it can only be very good because it was really well recommended to us.

  • Price – 20-30€ per person
  • Location- Estrada do Pico das Pedras 57, 9230-107 Santana

Restaurants Central Madeira

Sabores do Curral

Situated in the remote parish of Curral das Freiras, Sabores do Curral is a unique restaurant in Madeira. The restaurant specializes in using chestnuts in the dishes it serves. It makes a delicious chestnut cream, grilled chestnuts with cane honey, pork loin stuffed with chestnuts, and the sweet and tasty Curral pastry.

Chestnut is an ingredient that is used a lot in Curral das Feiras, and Sabores do Curral is the best way to explore this culinary heritage of the village.

Despite the fact that the restaurant is in a remote and very inclined place, it is well worth the effort to go to Curral das Freiras. In addition to delicious and unique food, the restaurant has a terrace with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

  • Price – From €10 to €20/Person
  • Service – Owners are very friendly
  • Place- Church Way N1, 9030-311 Curral das Freiras
where locals eat in Madeira
Curral das Freiras village and Sabores do Curral – Best restaurants in Madeira

Abrigo do Pastos

Abrigo do Pastor is one of the best-known restaurants in Madeira and there are reasons for it. The restaurant used to be a shack that served as a shelter for shepherds and hunters. It is a mountain restaurant located in Camacha on the way to Ribeiro Frio.

Abrigo do Pastor stands out for its grilled or stewed game meats, such as wild boar, goat, and rabbit. In addition to having tasty food, the restaurant has a comfortable atmosphere with a rustic feel. It has delicious food, and the experience is memorable.

  • Price – From 20 to 30€/ Person
  • Service – Rustic and comfortable atmosphere
  • Location – Estrada das Carreiras, 9125-080 Camacha
Madeira local restaurants
Ribeiro Frio in Madeira

Tia Rita at the Santo da Serra market

Tia Rita is not your usual restaurant; it’s a grill located in the Santo da Serra market. The Santo da Serra market is a market that takes place every Sunday. The market sells a little of everything vegetables, fruit, clothes, flowers and souvenirs. There are also stalls selling food.

One of the most famous stalls is Tia Rita’s, which is known for its barbecue chickens and bolo do caco made in a wood-fired oven. It is a unique and delicious culinary experience. The downside is that it’s only possible to eat there on Sundays on Market Day.

You can also buy fruit at the market as it is very good and much cheaper than at the Lavradores market. It was also there that we bought the family cake, one of the typical desserts in Madeira.

  • Price – 5-10€/ person
  • Place- Santo da Serra Market, Santo António da Serra

Best Fish Restaurants in Madeira

The Pipa

Pipa is a restaurant in Porto de Cruz that serves wonderful grilled fish. This is one of the restaurants to visit if you fancy a good grilled fish. When we went there, we ate a whole fresh grilled snapper that was the size of the platter, it was impressive. The restaurant also serves a delicious bolo de caco with butter and garlic and good appetizers, limpets, cuttlefish, etc.

Note that the availability of fish or shellfish will depend on the catch of the day, so you may not always find the same fish. The restaurant also can serve a lighter meal such as sandwiches and octopus, prego and others. Please note that A Pipa is a small restaurant, as it only has about eight tables inside and a small terrace. So it’s better to try to make a reservation, so you don’t risk having to wait too long.

  • Price – From €10 to €20/Person
  • Service – Owners are very friendly
  • Place – Rua Dr. Abel de Freitas 9225-050 Porto da Cruz
fish restaurants in Madeira
Grilled snapper at A Pipa

Bar Amarelo

Caniçal, in the north of Madeira, has several restaurants for eating fish, among which the Restaurante Bar Amarelo is one of the best. They serve delicious fresh fish at a good price. We advise you to eat the typical grilled limpets, damselfish, grilled squid, and several grilled fish of your preference.

In addition to the excellent food, the restaurant is located on the seafront, making it very pleasant to eat on the terrace while enjoying the Atlantic Ocean. This was another restaurant we visited with a Madeira friend, and we really enjoyed it.

  • Price – From 15 to 20€/ Person
  • Service – Owners are very friendly
  • Place – Largo Manuel Alves, 9200-032 Caniçal
Where to eat fish in Madeira

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